Our all-natural vapor delivery system™ allows for oils, live resins and tinctures with a broad range of viscosity, making it the best choice for THC, CBD and even nicotine. Bring back the  ritual. Bring back real flavor.

All Natural. Always pesticide free.

The finest, all-natural ingredients means higher terpene levels for maximum flavor and potency – while delivering ‘whole’ plant taste profiles and formulations. All PurBlend products are non GMO, pesticide-free and produced under the highest quality and health standards – from our pure extracted hemp oil and CBD products to our one of a kind vapor delivery system – that allows for the healthiest oil formulations including live resin, tinctures and e-juice. Try our products and see for yourself.

CBD Pure Hemp Extract

Our CBD medicinal blends are from pure extracted hemp oil that is always pesticide free and non GMO to ensure the purest and freshest source of cannabinoids – that are believed to be highly effective in the management of pain and inflammation. PurBlend offers a variety of premium CBD products including soft gels, antioxidant creme and sports salve, along with full spectrum live resin and oils .

PurBlend Apothecary

Coming soon! PurBlend is excited to be in production with our CBD apothecary line that includes an assortment of all-natural lotions, cremes and sports salves made with our very own full spectrum live resin and oils along with the finest organic herbs and other botanicals.