Our all-natural vapor delivery system™ with the refillable vPod cartridge – allows for oils, live resins and tinctures with a broad range of viscosity, making it the best choice for THC, CBD and nicotine – and switching flavors is a snap!

Oils + Concentrates

Our pure cannabis oils and live resins are derived from an all natural state-of-the-art extraction process that captures the major cannabinoids (CBD and THC) as well as their distinct terpenes and flavonoids to create ‘whole plant’ full spectrum oils and live resins.*

Soft gel capsules

Our CBD soft gel capsules are made from pure extracted hemp oil that’s always pesticide free and non GMO to ensure the purest and freshest source of cannabinoids. CBD is believed to be highly effective in the management of pain and inflammation and has proven beneficial to a variety of ailments.*


Our new apothecary line combines full spectrum pure hemp extracted CBD concentrates with the finest botanicals and essential oils. All natural body & skin care products that moisturize, calm, replenish, and relieve – all with the therapeutic and all natural benefits of full spectrum CBD.*

Alchemy + DIY

This where it all started. PurBlend is a DIY brand that inspires our customers to customize their own oil blends using our all natural suspension liquid, re-filling tools and of course, our refillable vPods – that don’t ‘leak oil’ like the other guys.