CBD Sport Rub


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CBD Sport Rub

• Anti-inflammatory, therapeutic rub designed to provide fast relief for sore muscles
• Infused with 200mg pure full spectrum CBD hemp extract
• Non-greasy / Pesticide-free / Non GMO
• Made with organic shea butter, menthol, spearmint and cinnamon
• Use liberally where it hurts

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Melt away pain.
All-natural PurBlend CBD Sport Rub provides fast relief for sore muscles and inflammation due to sports related injuries. It goes on dry and can be used before, during, and after workouts.

How to Use: Apply liberally to clean dry skin and allow to absorb thoroughly. Re-apply as needed, even during workouts.

Ingredients: candelilla wax, organic shea butter, vitamin E oil, organic hemp seed oil, MCT oil, behentrimonium methosulfate & cetearyl alcohol (BTMS), organic menthol, spearmint extract, cinnamon bark extract, full spectrum CBD pure botanical hemp extract

Melting Point:  > 120*f  Organic Content: 24%

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2 reviews for CBD Sport Rub

  1. Judy Castranova

    My husband, age 80, accidentally twisted his knee getting out of his car. He was in severe pain last night and his kneecap swelled quite a bit. He rubbed some Sport Rub on his knee, but he was in such severe pain that he couldn’t see a big difference. After a short ice pack on the knee which only aggravated it more, he decided to sleep on it and deal with it in the morning. When he awoke, the swelling had gone down but he was still limping and in pain, though not as severe. He applied more Sport Rub and within 10 minutes had relief. His arthritic wrists were also throbbing, so he applied the Sport Rub to his wrists. A little later he announced that this product “is great stuff” and that I should order more at once! He is planning on telling everyone about this experience.

  2. jmayfield (verified owner)

    So I went to a festival with a friend who I guess personally knows the guy who makes these. If you have ever gone to a 4 day music festival in the woods and camped on a deflating air mattress you probably know that by the end of that festival I was in a good amount of pain. My back was killing me and worse, my big toe had gotten pretty badly injured. My entire toe nail is black and it was just throbbing. So my friend hands me this and I am a full blown skeptic but willing to try anything. I rub it on my back and realize after about 10 or 15 minutes that my back feels a ton better. Still hurts but significantly less than before and better than anything I have ever tried previously, Icy/Hot can’t come close and tylenol is laughable in comparison. I didn’t think it would work for my toe because that was a blunt force injury rather than a muscle pain but I rubbed it all over anyway. It was sweet bliss. I am guessing I am still going to eventually lose the toe nail at some point but the toe itself feels great. My friend left me with the stress relief balm and I keep it on my nightstand. I just bought this and the body balm today because the stick was so great. I had a prescription for a lidocaine cream that didn’t work as well. I think that is because the balm reduces the swelling while lidocaine just temporarily numbs a little. Only downside is I noticed they have face cream and I fear I am going to be tempted to buy that as well.

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