CBD Soft Gels


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Full Spectrum CBD Soft Gels

• Full spectrum hemp derived CBD
• Non GMO & Pesticide-free
• 25mg CBD per soft gel
• 30 count bottle

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PurHemp Extract in a Soft Gel
Our CBD Soft Gels are made in the USA from full spectrum hemp extract and lots of love – and they’re non GMO and 100% pesticide free. This product is the only true full spectrum soft gel on the market today. Made from pure hemp extracted live resin, which captures over 200 different terpenes from the flower for maximum efficacy. Often called the ‘entourage effect’ – this concentration of pure CBDs has proven effective for pain relief and anti-inflammation for our customers. Each bottle contains 30 – 25mg soft gels and is guaranteed to be fresh and pure.

Recommended Dosage: Take 2 soft gels at a time, up to 4 soft gels per day.

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2 reviews for CBD Soft Gels

  1. Scott

    I know at least 10 people that take these regularly (including myself) and they’re amazing! There are way more benefits than mentioned in the description. The number one benefit from everyone I know that takes there is sleep. I have terrible insomnia and usually sleep a few hours at a time at best. From day one with these gel caps, I’ve fallen asleep easily and slept through the night. In addition, the sleep is quality sleep. I wake up feeling rested and ready to start my day. No grogginess or hangover. These have changed my life and so many people’s lives around me.

  2. Judy Castranova (verified owner)

    My son sent me a bottle of the gel caps. I was already taking a CBD isolate tincture and was reluctant to change. I am 78 years old with multiple health issues: Diabetes, insomnia, post-polio syndrome, fatigue, muscle weakness, high blood pressure, food insensitivities, and more. I don’t expect miracles at my age but do what I can to preserve whatever health I have left: My diet is gluten and dairy free and loaded with fresh fruits, veggies, occasional red meat, low carb where possible because of Diabetes. Although my lifetime habits have always included exercise of some sort, I can no longer walk for very long. I started taking the gel caps about a month ago, but I had to start slowly because one gel cap was too strong for me. I Punched a small hole in a gel cap and squeezed out about half of the contents into a spoon, finishing the other half the next night. It took about two weeks before I felt I could graduate to a full gel cap. I am sleeping so much better, it is amazing. But not only that — my mood has improved dramatically, and I do have a bit more energy.

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