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Next Gen Vapor Delivery System

• Ultra-clean, natural vapor production
• Maximum flavor and potency
• Delivering a smooth, robust, flavorful toke every time
• Includes 2 Empty vPods with each Battery
• Each vPod delivers approximately 160 puffs/ 1.0ml (80 puffs / 0.5ml)
• Large battery capacity powers two vPods of enjoyment
• Sleek design & rugged durability make it perfect for adventures

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Bring back the ritual.  Bring back real flavor.

The Vooz next gen vapor delivery system is the finest vape pen on the market and works interchangeably with our newly designed refillable vPod cartridges to provide the best vaping experience on the planet – and it consistently produces superior flavor. Its unique internal design allows for ultra-clean, natural vapor production – delivering a smooth, robust, and flavorful toke every time.

Our all-natural vapor delivery system™ allows for oils with a broad range of viscosity, making it ideal for THC, CBD and even nicotine. The Vooz’s superior flavor production allows for healthier oil formulations with safer terpene levels and no need for any cutting agents ever! Our vPods can be refilled safely up to two times. Take that.

Elegant, smart and tough as nails. The Vooz is form following function. Its anodized aluminum body is as sexy as it is efficient. Large battery capacity powers weeks of enjoyment, and its rugged durability and sleek design are always ready for an adventure. Available in black and silver.

Vooz – vPods – The healthy choice…PASSES HEAVY METAL TESTING…after 4 months of aging oil in the vPod you can be assured the volatile terpenes are not breaking down metal in contact with your oil.

Upgraded vPod design allows for up to 1.0ml of oil per vPod. Improved design can employ a half or full gram of oil with changing the filling plug. New snap fit design eliminates any glue or metal in contact with the oil while still producing amazing flavor.

Original batteries are backward compatible with the new vPod.

2-Empty vPods included with each battery kit.

Please watch this video for detail explanation:

Additional information

Weight 4.6 oz
Dimensions 6.25 × 3.25 × 1 in

Silver, Black

3 reviews for The Vooz

  1. Ryan Goldstein

    This is so awesome. Far better than most smoking devices out there tbh..

  2. Justin Conner

    How do you refill it?

  3. Mark Vuozzo

    Use a pin or small xacto blade to push into the silicone plug on the side. Pull up to remove the plug. Refill and reinsert the plug. Thank You

  4. Patricia

    Do I have 0.5 gram Vooz . Does it work whit 1 gram ?… How ??

  5. Mark Vuozzo

    Hi The new 1 gram vPod will work in your 0.5g battery. They are backward compatible however the new pod is 2mm taller. The new 1 gram vPod can be filled as a half or full gram depending upon the plug inserted. We include both plugs with vPod purchase.

    Thank You for the feedback

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