The New York State Department of Health shared photos of some of the products it found to contain vitamin E acetate, a key focus of the department’s investigation into potential causes of vaping-associated lung disease.
Source: New York State Department of Health

Opinion… September 6, 2019

Reading the news headlines these days leads you to believe we are going to die using a Nicotine or THC vaporizer. Well this is no joke people are dying from vaporizers, at PurBlend Science we refer to them as Vapor Delivery SystemTM (VDSTM). The ongoing investigations have discovered some frightening results. The New York Dept of Health stated that Vitamin E Acetate was found in almost all the suspected Vaporizers.

“Laboratory test results showed very high levels of vitamin E acetate in nearly all cannabis-containing samples analyzed by the Wadsworth Center as part of this investigation. At least one vitamin E acetate containing vape product has been linked to each patient who submitted a product for testing.”

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Further investigation reveals a patent was filed for the use of Vitamin E oil as viable cutting agent.

What is going on… Obviously it appears someone or the person whom filed the patent is producing distillate-based THC oil with Vitamin E as a cutting agent. The fact a Patent was filed disclosing a methodology does not make it approved or safe for use as described and in this case appears to be harming people. If someone has copied this patent, you have broken the law and performed in an ignorant manner harming people. In my opinion the people behind the manufacturing of these gray market products should be worried, the authorities are coming. Ignorance is not a legal defense. I would like to highlight an underlying issue present with this situation. If you read the patent snippet above you can understand the intent of the invention is to produce highly viscous oils, however the Vapor Delivery Systems are unable to accommodate these oils therefore we must cut them in order to solve this problem. In this case we will employ Vitamin E oil as a novel idea…however not knowing the resulting carcinogens produced by combustion of Vitamin E oil. Another extremely popular cutting agent is Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCT) Oil which is known to be harmful for vaping. The MCT oil fatty chain is too large to pass through the blood barrier in your lungs therefore collecting in your lungs…Not good. We all know there is many ways to solve a problem. Obviously, someone ignorantly decided that the best way to solve the problem with viscous THC oils is to cut them with Vitamin E or MCT oil. The engineers at PurBlend Science saw this issue several years ago. We were founded on the creation of Suspension 0.6 a healthier alternative cutting agent for THC oils. Realizing our customers and regulators alike want unadulterated products with extremely high purity use of any cutting agents is just not allowed. If you must cut the product in order to deliver it to the customer, you have poorly manufactured oil with the potential to harm the user. PurBlend Science has solved the problem of delivering viscous oils to the end user. The VOOZTM Vapor Delivery SystemTM is next generation design employing a gravity feed pod system. Our horizontally mounted coil provides greater surface area allowing full flavor production. Can we say The VOOZ can deliver oils no one else can? We continue to refine our botanical extraction process delivering the natural representation of cannabis/hemp flower in our oils. I want to caution all vape users that the CBD vaping market is the next one to receive negative press. CBD distillate oil is extremely viscous, and most will say it is solid. Cannabidiol is a solid molecule unlike ∆9 THC oil which has the viscosity of thick honey. Almost any CBD vaping solution must employ a cutting agent up to 40%. Even if this was all terpenes that is not a safe level for vaping. Check out PurBlend Science CBD resins and Oils the purest extraction of the flower terpenes and cannabinoids beyond 500mg/g of the purest full spectrum oils without the need for cutting agents, never.

In summary, we believe the use of Vapor Delivery Systems used responsibly can provide greater advantages than downside effect. You must know and trust who produced the oil you are vaping. This is either knowing the mfg. or the approvals the product meets such as the CA regulations. Buying on the gray market significantly increases your health risks. Purblend science is an advocate of all types of vaping, however we do see some longer-term issues particularly with the Nicotine oils. This side of the industry thinks they are getting a pass right now, but they employ Vegetable Glycerin (VG) in their oil formulations and we believe this constituent will be deemed toxic when inhaled for chronic long-term effects. The current problems in the THC/CBD industry are easily overcome employing better natural extraction technology paired with The VOOZTM Vapor Delivery SystemTM. The Nicotine industry is still searching for the longer-term solution. Keep in mind if it tastes bad it is…

These are examples of the gray market brands suspected of containing Vitamin E oil harming people.

The New York State Department of Health shared photos of some of the products it found to contain vitamin E acetate, a key focus of the department’s investigation into potential causes of vaping-associated lung disease.
Source: New York State Department of Health


Written by Mark Vuozzo – Chief Technical Officer

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