About PurBlend Science

PurBlend Science creates trusted products for medicinal and recreational vape and CBD users. Every one of our products undergoes rigorous testing and must meet stringent quality and purity standards to be called PurBlend. We offer a variety of all natural, ultra-premium CBD and THC products, including oils, live resin and soft gels that are always non-GMO and pesticide free.

Oh yeah, and we’re the exclusive distributor of The Vooz vapor delivery system™ – which happens to be the only vape pen that works with THC and CBD oils as well as live resin and even nicotine juice. Coupled with our refillable vPods, the Vooz takes your vaping experience to the next level of quality and flavor. 

Here’s what our customers are saying...
  • “I received the CBD Resin pod & Vooz vape… and WOW…that first hit was absolutely mind blowing! Unlike anything I’ve ever experienced with CBD before…the flavor, scent & effect is potent, smooth and so wonderful all at once. You have truly created something incredible!”


    Michelle K.
  • “Not only is this natural sweet tasting it has been really helping with the pain.”


    Cindy R.
  • “I’ve had back surgery twice and suffer from chronic back pain. The Spectrum CBD live resin does wonders for my back and I can still function during the day when needed. It keeps me relaxed but with a clear head while killing pain very well.”

    Scott L.
  • “…First flavor I’ve found that has a real taste. Smooth with a lot of flavor…”

    Adam W.
  • “This is a cool product. Definitely the best vape system I’ve found. It’s user friendly and the taste is insane. I love it.”

    Steve V.